Liquid Therapy from DrinkBoston

Todd Maul (Photo: Susanna Bolle)

Boston has no shortage of fine bartenders, but sometimes you need to know where to look. The finest guide to the city’s tippling scene and the spirit(s) world in general is local blogger Lauren Clark of DrinkBoston.

This week Clark profiles bartender Todd Maul of Ken Oringer’s Clio restaurant, which has a small bar with a massive –and breathtakingly creative–cocktail menu.

While the bar at Clio may be small, Clark says Maul has “put that little bar on the map as a destination for serious and inventive cocktails.”

Clark isn’t the only local writer who’s singing Maul’s praises of late. Local food writer, MC Slim JB, recently wrote his first drink column in the excellent Serious Eats blog, and also spotlighted Todd’s fine work behind the bar.

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