What Boston Eats: Sandwiches in Inman Square

Sarah Kleinman of Boston Eats recently had her mom in town (and her period) and the end result is hilarious. NOW we know where Sarah gets it!

Stick past the first minute, below, and you’ve got a banger of a review for the All Star Sandwich Bar in Inman Square, Cambridge.

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Catch Sarah here, too: our initial Q&A about the Boston Eats series.

5 thoughts on “What Boston Eats: Sandwiches in Inman Square

  1. Chas

    Fun review! But how can you hold it against the restaurant that there’s a long wait due to their popularity?

    1. Sue McCrory Post author

      I’d have to agree with you here. If All Star is this popular, folks should know not to go absolutely ravenous unless they’re feeling really lucky! And what a great endorsement, anway, that the place was packed.

  2. Sizzler

    Hi Chas! Just happened to notice your comment and I totally agree with you that a long wait can’t really be a point against a restaurant that is popular. Unfortunately, I edited out the fact that when we arrived they promised us only a 15 minute wait so I think that is where our frustration came from. But again, worth it!!!! Please keep watching the reviews!!

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