Food Therapy from Doves and Figs

Photo: Courtesy of Doves and Figs

We’re doing lots with Passover foods this week in anticipation of the upcoming holidays. Today’s ‘Food Therapy’ continues the theme.

Enter Doves and Figs. Blogger Robin has two relatively unusual recipes to share, both her own experiments. The first is irrestible-sounding: Drunken Passover Grilled Cheese. Maybe this recipe, which calls for sweet wine, will fit our intern Jaime’s budget?

The second recipe will make a smart addition to brunch, which is exactly when Robin plans to serve them: Sweet Passover Popovers.

Next week we’ll be featuring recipes and traditions for Easter foods. What are yours??  We’ll post them here. (Do you, our readers, celebrate holidays we haven’t covered? Give us a shout-out…we will!)