Food Therapy from A Cambridge Story

Photo: Emily O'Donnell/A Cambridge Story

Photo: Emily O'Donnell/A Cambridge Story

Is there anything worse than a skinless chicken breast? Nutrition-wise, it’s full of healthy, lean protein and lots of good vitamins and minerals. Taste-wise: blech. It’s boring. It’s dry. In sandwich form, it’s usually the most soulless thing on a restaurant menu. And most damningly, it’s what best-selling diet books tell you to eat for lunch with iceberg lettuce and an egg white omelet. I will go as far as to say that my country’s treatment of the modest chicken breast is endemic of everything wrong with the Standard American Diet – namely, that our mainstream health food is so mindless and gross and unappetizing compared with the thought-out, utter mathematical perfection of a Cheez-It.

Occasionally, however, I see a recipe that elevates the chicken breast into something better. Something that I actually want to eat. This is such a rare occurrence that, when it happened this morning, I immediately wanted to share it with you all. From Emily at A Cambridge Story comes this chicken with red grape agrodolce – possibly the sexiest healthy dinner you’ll see today. The agrodolce, sweetened with caramelized onions and plump grapes, was originally intended for salmon. It also would make a perfect compliment to an Easter lamb. But even on chicken, I caught myself craving it – this could really be an excellent meal, something sweet and meaty and delectable that, as a bonus, just happens to be nutritious and wholesome.

I’m still not touching an egg white omelet, though.

2 thoughts on “Food Therapy from A Cambridge Story

  1. Christopher

    I am fortunate enough to be Emily’s husband and was lucky to also partake in this dish. The agrodolce on chicken is absolutely spectacular. I hadn’t even thought of this meal as a diet meal, though that certainly makes sense nutritionally. Delicious stuff!

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