Food Therapy From Generation Y Foodie

Photo: courtesy of Generation Y Foodie

I love Brussels sprouts. This seems improbable because my mom NEVER served them when we were growing up and I was well over 30 before I even bought them, let alone tried one.

It’s been a Brussels sprouts kind of week, however, which makes me happy. Plus, the timing couldn’t be better. It’s nearly Thanksgiving, after all! Need an idea for a great side dish? Read on.

Chef Carolyn Johnson of 80 Thoreau in Concord recently whipped up a gorgeous batch of roasted Brussels sprouts (simply dressed with pine nuts, garlic, butter, olive oil, S&P; we’ll be featuring it soon). Susanna Bolle and I, on hand for a recording, grabbed forks and dug in. What flavors!

Next, Louisa Kasdon raised the bar by specifically promoting Brussels sprouts for Thanksgiving dinner (see Tip#6 in her Letter to Thanksgiving Cooks Everywhere, posted yesterday on PRK). She likes a gold-green aesthetic on this day. Hear, hear.

Add to this Generation Y Foodie. This 20-something Boston food blogger, Dara Reppucci, started writing to prove that her generation could do more than order take-out. She writes, photographs and, by all accounts, seems to eat really well. GenYFoodie’s Brussels Sprouts Caesar Salad won me over, in particular, because I rarely see recipes that combine this robust veg with salad greens. Dara’s salad is simple, nutritious, colorful, and could well become the green that balances those beloved gold hues on your Thanksgiving table.

Don’t be like me. Try Brussels sprouts early. Eat them often.

3 thoughts on “Food Therapy From Generation Y Foodie

  1. Dara

    Thanks for featuring my recipe! I’m so honored. That salad was amazing. I intended to have leftovers for lunch, but I ate the entire batch.

  2. Janice

    I *love* Brussels sprouts! It makes me so sad that they aren’t a more popular vegetable. My favorite way to eat them is steamed with a little crumbled bacon and malt vinegar mixed in. So delicious–and easy. My sprouts are from Springdell Farm in Littleton, MA and my bacon comes from Chestnut Farm in Hardwick, MA. A local fall dish from heaven :)