Boston Eats Heads Out Of Town

Whenever Sarah Kleinman lands at PRK with a new review, she’s local: Boston, Cambridge, JP, Quincy, Dedham.

But Sarah’s been traveling. She went home to Cleveland.

This newest episode of Boston Eats takes us all there, and out to lunch with Sarah and her dad. (If you think Paula, her mom, is a character, meet Jimmy Kleinman.) After watching this review, you’re likely to make Slyman’s THE place to go the next time you’re in Cleveland. Their “real” corned beef sandwich – which Sarah claims you just can’t get in Boston — is where it’s at.

Welcome to the Experience.

One thought on “Boston Eats Heads Out Of Town

  1. Sandy Holmes

    Sarah — You inspired me. I’m still a Slyman’s virgin but I will take my son-in-law from Cali there over the 4th. He loves the dives!