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Nest 289 Female
by Donna Patterson

Nest 289 Female was banded as an adult, so we do not know her precise age. She is calm and easily approached, despite being on the side of Humble Island that is only visited 5-6 times per season (and she is thus less accustomed humans). She and her mate, a strapping and handsome light-eyed petrel, have been together at their seaside nest since the 2001 season. Previous to this high-dollar, ocean-view nest, Nest 289 Female lived at two other nests with a previous mate. She and her first mate were first banded in 1995 in the part of Humble Island I call the 'Back Country.' They raised a few fledglings before splitting up after the 1999 season. Our girl enjoyed the single life for a year before settling back down with her current mate for the 2001 nesting season.