Tuesday Roundup: Nor’easter Imminent

Published January 11, 2011

Brace yourselves: Another big nor’easter is coming. Forecasters say a winter storm Tuesday night could dump up to 18 inches on central and eastern Massachusetts and a foot on Boston.

Blogger Garrett Quinn is taking a vote on the best Twitter hash tag for this storm. (#Snowmageddon is so 2010.) My favorite two so far are Quinn’s own suggestion of #SnowLoko2SnowHarder and one from WBUR’s Curt Nickisch: #winter.

The French Toast Alert level is currently High (orange).

Speaking of Snowmageddon, a website called Snowmageddon Cleanup allows the crowd to report problems — potholes, stuck cars, closed roads — and offer help.

In other news, we profiled Bob Metcalfe, the techrepreneur and mega-brain who’s fleeing Boston for Austin.

Universal Hub reports a dramatic rise in flu cases for children, which often foreshadows an outbreak among adults.

The Story of the Day easily goes to the Herald. Just read the lead:

An MBTA bus driver has been suspended after she was accused of taking dozens of terrified Boston Latin School students — including Mayor Thomas M. Menino’s 12-year-old granddaughter — on a wild ride off their scheduled school route, the Herald has learned

The Universal Hub headline summarizes the story: MBTA bus driver suspended for doing what probably every school-bus driver, ever, has dreamed of doing.

The runner-up for Story of the Day goes to the Globe, which reports Boston ambulances will be upgraded with hydraulic lifts to transport the obese. Yup.