Tuesday Morning: I Almost Wrote Monday

Published January 18, 2011

Good morning! It will be messy out there today as a storm brings a mix of snow and freezing rain. But hey, at least it will warm up a little.

More than 130 schools are closed across the state, and more than two dozen flights out of Logan Airport are cancelled.

A Boston Foundation report is recommending teacher raises be tied to student performance — not the length of a teacher’s service — upsetting the teachers union and emboldening administrators, who are about to engage in contract negotiations.

NPR’s Chris Arnold has a really nice explainer on the recent Ibanez decision in Massachusetts, which invalidated hundreds, maybe thousands, of foreclosures. Meanwhile, on Beacon Hill, a bill introduced this week would require a judge to review all foreclosures and would protect former homeowners from eviction.

Also on Beacon Hill: A clearer picture of state finances could emerge today. Gov. Deval Patrick and legislative leaders are working out an estimate of how much the state will collect in taxes and other revenue in the next fiscal year. Patrick is due to release his state budget later this month.

WBUR’s Bob Oakes interviewed a high-ranking Episcopal priest who recently was married. She is gay. “We got married because we love each other and because we want to commit to each other. We think it was a sacramental act. And so for people to have an opinion that can be so negative — it hurts your feelings.”

A story about “Netflix for art” is getting a lot of attention. WBUR’s Andrea Shea reports on a Cambridge start-up called TurningArt, which tries to take the fear out of buying art.