What Are Julian Assange’s Boston Connections?

Published December 1, 2010

Julian Assange in October (AP)

Assange in October (AP)

Time interviews Julian Assange, the shadowy founder of WikiLeaks:

And the source or sources of all the diplomatic cables? Stengel asked Assange if U.S. Army PFC Bradley Manning, now detained in Quantico, Va., was the sole source of the megaleak. “We’re a source-protection organization,” Assange said, “so the last thing we would do is discuss possible sources. However, we do know that … the FBI, State Department and U.S. Army CID [Criminal Investigation Command] has been going around Boston visiting a number of people there.”

On Nov. 3, FBI agents are said to have detained and interrogated David House at Chicago’s O’Hare airport. House is a Cambridge man who helped set up a legal defense fund for Manning, the alleged WikiLeaker himself. House has visited Manning multiple times while in detention.

House didn’t return phone calls and e-mails from The Associated Press, and the FBI said it can’t confirm whether House was interviewed.

Are there other Boston connections?