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Friday Morning: Hub Bids 2010 Adieu

Published December 31, 2010

It’s Friday, December 31st. Break out the bubbly and the party hats, it’s actor Val Kilmer’s 51st birthday!

What’s news on this last day of 2010?

There were 72 homicides in Boston in 2010 and a huge portion of them remain unsolved. This touching story from the Globe puts a human face on one family’s loss. (Globe)

The outgoing district attorney who brought charges against six students in the Phoebe Prince suicide case says she has no regrets. The case against the students is ongoing. (Herald)

The Celtics’ Kevin Garnett is likely to sit out two weeks thanks to a strained calf muscle. That wasn’t a gust of wind you just felt, it was thousands of C’s fans exhaling loudly. The injury could have been much worse. (ESPNBoston.com)

Re-live the year in news with WBUR’s interactive timeline. Scott Brown. Casinos. The Mattapan murders. What do you remember of 2010? What would you like to forget? (WBUR)