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Boston Police Make 3rd Arrest In Mattapan Murders

Published December 8, 2010

Boston Police say a third person has been arrested in the murders of four people in Mattapan.

Edward Washington, of Dorchester, is charged with four counts of murder, one count of attempted murder, home invasion, armed robbery and illegal possession of a weapon.

On Sept. 28, police found the bodies of four people, including a mother and her two-year-old son, on Woolson Street in Mattapan.

Police say Washington is the cousin of Kimani Washington, the first man arrested in connection with the case. Kimani Washington was arrested Oct. 2 in New Hampshire on drug and weapons charges. He is being held without bail.

On Nov. 22, police arrested a second suspect, Dwayne Moore, of Mattapan. Moore, like Edward Washington, has been charged with four counts of murder, among other charges. He is being held without bail.

Update from Universal Hub:

In 2006, Washington was acquitted on federal racketeering and conspiracy charges related to his alleged involvement in the Esmond Street Crew, a violent gang that authorities said attempted to murder members of the rival Franklin Hill Giants partly for status, but mostly to protect its cocaine business in the Esmond Street area. A federal judge ordered Washington and a co-defendant not guilty the day after the jury declared itself deadlocked on charges stemming from alleged activity in 2000 and 2001.

My past coverage:

Health Premiums Triple For Brigham & Women’s Part-Timers

Published December 8, 2010

CommonHealth reports part-timers at Brigham & Women’s Hospital face triple-digit increases in health care premiums next year:

With health insurance costs spiraling ever upward, we’re all feeling premium pain. But what’s happening with roughly 2,000 part-timers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital right now flies off the charts. Some part-time workers will see their health insurance premium payments rise by 300, 400, even 500% for the coming calendar year, and a total of 700% above current rates in 2012. Just for reference, when premium hikes hit double digits, politicians tend to throw fits. These workers are facing triple digits.

WBUR’s Carey Goldberg interviewed a young college grad who enjoyed free health benefits after working a year at the hospital. Starting in January, she’ll pay a premium of $47 per week.

“The percentage increases that are being given to these part-time workers are really quite extraordinary,” said Nancy Turnbull, associate dean of the Harvard School of Public Health. “Part-time workers tend to be lower-paid,” she said, “so this is very regressive.”

The woman interviewed does not qualify for state-subsidized health care, and she tells Carey she might be better off working for the Gap.

Weds Morning: Shapiro Forfeits Millions, O’Brien Speaks

Published December 8, 2010

I’ll be donning my face mask for the first time this season… in preparation for a bitter bike ride into work. Here’s what’s news on a cold Wednesday morning in Boston:

Boston philanthropist Carl Shapiro is giving back $625 million in Madoff money. Shapiro says he will be able to maintain his commitments to nonprofits that depend on the family’s support. (Globe)

Commissioner John O’Brien says the Probation Department report was incomplete. “He gave an investigator as many as 100 job-related thank-you notes from a broad array of elected officials and judges … but they are never mentioned in an explosive hiring scandal report.” (Herald)

Rep. Michael Capuano (D-Somerville) is criticizing President Obama’s tax-cut compromise. “It certainly seems as though the president just called the Republicans in and said, ‘What is it that you want?’ ” Capuano said. (WBUR)

Five months after he took over a failing South End school, the principal is resigning. Steve Zrike was supposed to “turn around” Blackstone Elementary School, but he has taken another job in Chicago. (South End News)

Justice Roderick Ireland could be confirmed as SJC chief justice today. Many members of the governor’s council say they will support the governor’s nomination. (WBUR)

Did I miss any big news?