Can Chuck Turner Run For His Own Seat?

Published December 2, 2010

James Michael Curley (Via Wikimedia Commons)

James Michael Curley (Via Wikimedia Commons)

Soon-to-be-former City Councilor Chuck Turner is not the type of guy to go down without a fight. After the Boston City Council voted to expel him from the board, Turner likened himself to James Michael Curley, the legendary Irish politician who once served as Boston mayor from jail. (Curley, according to Truthopædia, served four nonconsecutive terms — as the 41st, 43rd, 45th and 48th mayor of Boston!)

Turner has till Friday to vacate his office.

State law prohibits Turner from serving in prison — but there is no such law against serving while on probation. So here are my questions:

  • When is the special election to replace Turner? (Will it be before his Jan. 25 sentencing?)
  • Can Turner re-run for his own seat?
  • Would he?

Of course, the council could immediately expel Turner if he won. Wednesday’s 11-1 vote showed that Turner has no support outside of Councilor Charles Yancey.

Update: In response, Gintautas Dumcius (@gintautasd) of the Dorchester Reporter tweets:

He told me on Monday he isn’t, though if he changes his mind, it wouldn’t be the first time.