How Well Do You Know Boston? 8 Trivia Questions

Published December 6, 2010

How well do you know Boston? Try your hand at these trivia questions, compiled in honor of Erin McLean, the Danvers native and BU sophomore who recently won the college championship on “Jeopardy!” McLean is our guest today on Radio Boston.

These challenges are written Jeopardy-style:

  1. This Boston building first became well-known when most of its windows fell out shortly after construction in the 1970s.
  2. This judge oversaw the desegregation of Boston schools in the 1970s.
  3. Linguists use this term to describe “R droppers” — people who say “pahk your cah.”
  4. Alexander Graham Bell was a professor at this university before securing his patent for the telephone.
  5. MIT fraternity brothers invented this non-standard unit of length as a way to measure the Massachusetts Avenue bridge.
  6. In 1770, this American statesman represented British soldiers tried for the Boston Massacre.
  7. On Sept. 20, 1960, journeyman Carroll Hardy became the only player to pinch hit for this baseball slugger.
  8. This famous children’s author was born in Springfield in 1904.

Think you know the answers, er, questions? Respond in the comments. I’ll update this post tomorrow with the solutions.

Big thanks to WBUR’s Dave Shaw and Jessica Alpert for helping draft the puzzles.