Brown Votes To Block Repeal Of DADT; Bill Fails

Published December 9, 2010

Sen. Scott Brown in November (Josh Reynolds/AP)

Scott Brown (AP)

Sen. Scott Brown, who six days ago said he would support repeal of the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, has voted to block debate on repeal.

The test vote needed to advance legislation was blocked by Senate Republicans on Thursday afternoon. It needed 60 votes; it got 57.

Last week, Brown was one of 42 GOP senators who signed a pledge not to advance any legislation until tax cuts and funding the government have cleared the queue. Speaking to the AP, a Brown spokesman cited the pledge today:

A spokesman for Brown said Thursday he has been clear that he would not vote to repeal the law until after the Senate takes a vote on a tax package.

Susan Collins of Maine was the only Republican senator to break ranks and vote yea.

Update: A Brown spokesperson has e-mailed WBUR. From the e-mail:

Senator Brown has said we need to prevent the looming tax hike and fund the government before we move forward with other legislation. He supports repealing don’t ask, don’t tell once those issues have been addressed.