Tues. Morning: Digging Through The Blizzard

Published December 28, 2010

Yes, for those of you with a Snow Day yesterday, it’s Tuesday. So, what’s news?

Taxpayers are bracing for the blizzard bill after surviving the fierce storm. The state used thousands of workers to clear roadways, sidewalks, and train tracks. (Herald)

Thousands of stranded travelers may stay marooned for days. The big blizzard snarled travel up and down the East Coast, shuttering airports, train stations and making highway travel difficult. Oh well, what’s a few extra nights with the in-laws? (WBUR)

Turns out, Harvard isn’t that smart. Fraudster Adam Wheeler may have hoodwinked the Harvard admissions board, but maybe it just wasn’t that hard to do. (Globe)

The city of Woburn is mourning a fallen police officer. The man was shot and killed while responding to an armed robbery at a Kohl’s department store. (Globe)

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