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Hubbub Is Going On The Road!

Published September 17, 2010

Thirty stories. Twelve journalists. Five communities across Massachusetts.

Since the Great Recession, Massachusetts’ cities and towns have been reeling from dwindling tax receipts and cuts to state aid. With sluggish job growth, unrelenting foreclosures and a Congress unwilling to extend more federal stimulus money, the problems are only going to get worse.

WBUR’s Morning Edition is going on the road next week, broadcasting live from cities and towns on Route 9. Hubbub is going along, too. I put together this video trailer for our special series, “Finding A Way Along Route 9.”

For the technically curious, the video was shot handheld on a Canon 7D SLR. Music by k.Rockshire (licensed Creative Commons).

Happy 380th Birthday, Boston

Published September 17, 2010

Stormtrooper figures extinguish candles on a birthday cake. (Stéfan Le Dû/Flickr)

Happy and safe birthday, Boston. (Stéfan Le Dû/Flickr)

Hi, Hubbubers, sorry about how quiet things are here. I’m up to my eyeballs in work to prepare for a very special project next week — which I’ll tell you more about later today.

Meantime, I want to wish our fair city a happy birthday. @NotifyBoston tweets:

Happy Birthday Boston! Governor John Winthrop founded the City of Boston on this day, Sept. 17, 1630.

Next time you complain about the roads, the public transit or the weather, ask yourself how you would feel at that age.

What’s your birthday wish for Boston?