Friday Morning: Hostile BPS Meeting, Turner’s Parting Shot

Published December 3, 2010

Pardon today’s tardy news roundup. Maybe reporters get slower when the news is slow?

What’s news on a perfectly pleasant Friday morning in Boston:

A hostile crowd greeted BPS Superintendent Carol Johnson last night. “Johnson laid out the details of her revised plan to fill a projected $63 million budget gap,” which includes closing or merging 12 Boston schools. (WBUR)

In his final hours as councilor, Chuck Turner gave $1,000 bonuses to his aides. That’s the same amount he was convicted of taking in a bribe. (Herald)

Feds and Boston Police put drugs on the table, after busting up what they say was a major family-run cocaine ring in Dorchester. Commissioner Ed Davis: “We will follow you, we will take pictures of you, we will listen in on your telephones and we will ultimately crash your door down and make you come in and account for the violence that occurs in this city.” (WBUR)

Police are investigating a possible drug killing in Roslindale. A body was found in the back seat of a hastily parked Honda. (Universal Hub)

House Speaker Robert DeLeo says a casino bill is on the 2011 agenda. The plan went down in flames this year. (The Republican)

Gov. Deval Patrick (says he) won’t run against Sen. Scott Brown in 2012. But he has gotten a lot of phone calls about it. (Herald)