Dashing Through The Snow From Copley to Park

Published December 29, 2010

As part of WBUR and wbur.org’s effort to give you the most complete coverage of Sunday’s nor’easter, we sent our brave photographer, Nicholas Dynan, out on Monday to catalog the storm. He brought back some great images of the huge snowfall, and we used them throughout the day.

I asked him what it was like to traipse around Boston in the midst of a fierce storm. Here’s what he said:


Assigned to capture some images of the recent snowstorm, I suited up in snow pants and balaclava to brave the blizzard and take a stroll between Copley and Park Street T stations.

Coming out through the Copley station during what would normally be the morning rush, commuter traffic remained light.

Streets were nearly empty and I decided to walk down to Copley Plaza. It was equally deserted, aside from a few tourists.

I crossed over to Newbury Street to see if post-holiday shopping had lured anyone into the storm. However, the only signs of life were those trying to get a jump on shoveling.

As I reached the Public Gardens, at least George (Washington, not Paul Revere as I’d previously wrote. D’oh!) seemed to still be warm.

Walking through the Public Gardens as the snow let-up, there were more people outside than I had expected. Many local residents walked their dogs.

One brave soul I found:

Some took the opportunity to embrace the weather.

With frozen camera equipment, and done-in by the wind, I headed to Park Street to get out of the cold.

Even in the cold, at least those who were out on the street seemed to fair better than the stranded passengers at Logan I covered later in the day.

Want to see more photos of the huge storm? Check out our photo gallery. Submit your blizzard photos to WBUR’s Flickr group.