Wednesday Morning: Following Weekend Stories

Published December 29, 2010

It’s Wednesday, December 29, 2010. Only two more days to fulfill your 2010 goals!

What’s news on this Hump Day?

The State Parole Board is under fire for its 2009 decision to free the ex-convict that shot and killed a Woburn police officer on Sunday. (Herald)

Bostonians still digging themselves and their cars out from under feet of snow beware! Boston Police are ticketing residents who shovel snow back on to the street while extricating themselves. As Hubbub already reminded you, they’ll also fine if you if you don’t shovel your sidewalk. (Globe)

Stranded travelers are becoming even more frustrated with airlines — if that’s possible — because many airlines’ phone systems can’t handle the volume of calls they are getting. (Globe)

In the hard-hit town of Scituate, residents are struggling to put their town back together after Sunday’s nor’easter. (WBUR)