Tuesday Morning: Fall River’s Losses, Stowaway’s Mom Speaks

Published December 14, 2010

What’s news on a cold Tuesday morning in Boston:

Fall River has been hit hard with wartime casualties this year. Army Spc. Ethan Goncalo, 21, is the fourth Fall River service member to die this year. The Army is investigating his death, which is described as non-combat-related. (Globe)

The mother of a teen stowaway says he was afraid of heights. Jonette Washington said “it can’t be true” that Delvonte Tisdale bypassed airport security in Charlotte, hid in the wheel well of an airliner and fell to his death over Milton. (Globe)

A taxpayers advocate has gloomy predictions for next year’s state budget. Mike Widmer says it’s unlikely the economy will grow enough to fill a $2 billion budget gap. (WBUR)

RelayRides, an innovative Cambridge startup, is moving to San Francisco. That’s Boston in a nutshell: Brilliant inventors just don’t stay here. (Xconomy via Universal Hub)

Harvard says a clumsy staffer spilled urine all over library books about gay issues. Not a full-bladdered vandal. It’s still unclear, um, how the vial of urine got there. (Herald)

The Yankees did not sign free agent Cliff Lee. Sorry, Yanks, he’s headed to Philly. (Time.com)