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Inside Out is a dynamic documentary unit producing long-format radio programs and multi-part series. Highly experienced reporters turn a topic inside out to give it context, perspective, and understanding. A unique emphasis on the sounds and voices of a story, combined with first class narration engages the listener and brings them to the heart of the story. (Documentaries are now also available as a podcast.)
Heat of the Moment
Quality of Death
From Cages to Conservation
Middle Class Blues
The Doctor Can't See You Now
Meltdown: Inside Out

Kwaito Generation Kwaito Generation
Nursing a Shortage
    Snakeheads & Slavery  
Haunting The Quabbin
Tartan Spangled Banner
Southern State of Mind
With This Ring
British Jihad
Ahmad's War
Casino Reservations
DNA & The Death Penalty
Doctors Without Borders
Exodus '47
Leap Of Faith
Revolutionary Islam
This Year In Jerusalem
Jews & Blues
Fighting The Next War
Pax Americana
Surviving Torture
Unfriendly Skies

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