I guess I could do what most other people do and go back to school. So that I can graduate in two to three years with a mountain of debt.



I spent the last nineteen months getting out of student loan debt. I was just constantly nervous.



of 22-to-29 years olds have student loan debt1

Roxanne, Generation Stuck blogger

One thing those of us twenty-somethings mired in student debt have going for us: They can take back your car or house, but your education can't be repossessed. Though I'm sure Congress is working on it.

Roxanne WBUR blogger

I thought the people in the financial aid office, and especially the bank, wouldn't give me money I couldn't afford to pay back.

Alicia WBUR guest blogger


of 22-to-29 years olds say they think about their debt all the time2

Christine, Generation Stuck blogger

$192,836.87. That's what the Department of Education's website says I owe. And it grows.

Christine WBUR blogger

Cheyenne, Generation Stuck blogger

The difference between my parents and me is that I don't have to wait for kids and cars to be living from paycheck to paycheck with thousands of dollars hanging over my head.

Cheyenne WBUR blogger

I'm making negative income. People don't understand. They say: Why would you go to this college if you knew you would have so much debt?

23andstruggling WBUR commenter

How Do You Feel?

What has been the impact of debt on your life?