I didn’t need to go to school to be a bartender. Just saying.



People just assume, 'Well, this guy messed his life up or something.' And it’s like, no man, I did everything right, and I still ended up here.



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Kerri, Generation Stuck blogger

To say that there are some days that I go into work and feel overqualified for what I do is an understatement.

Kerri WBUR blogger

I have a law degree. I passed the bar in 2009. I am working retail.

Jon WBUR guest blogger

Genevieve, Generation Stuck blogger

I’m not sure if my unemployment status has prevented me from being hired for positions, but the longer I’m unemployed the more suspicious I become of that being a factor.

Genevieve WBUR blogger


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I, like many in my generation, am underachieving, and the longer I underachieve, the more it hurts. It's embarrassing. I know I can do better.

"Kathee" WBUR commenter

Cheyenne, Generation Stuck blogger

I work too much to be underemployed, and way too much to be so poor.

Cheyenne WBUR blogger

Bachelor’s in economics. Held several jobs not terribly related to my degree, lost my job last year to a younger, cheaper recent grad.

Melissa Ferry WBUR commenter

How Do You Feel?

Are you currently in a job that you feel overqualified for?