I have prevented myself from forming lasting relationships because I don't feel worthy. I don't feel like I have anything to offer.



I work as a waiter, I live with my dad, I live in nowhere Massachusetts – like, three strikes, you’re out.



of 22-to-29 year olds live at home with their parents1

I have two stuck twenty-somethings living with me. Neither can find jobs in almost any field they feel qualified to apply for. It is having a terrible impact on them - and on us, their parents.

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Kerri, Generation Stuck blogger

It’s a lonely place, feeling like your life has stood still as others keep moving forward.

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Cheyenne, Generation Stuck blogger

I am so overwhelmed by student loan debt that I find it hard to spend time with friends because it means spending money, and I get more collection calls than personal ones.

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I feel like I am the 60-something version of Generation Stuck. I am stuck with a 23 year old recent college graduate who is unemployed, and living back at home.

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Christine, Generation Stuck blogger

I wouldn't say that my situation strains my relationships with my friends because we're all there in the same place. We don't talk about how hard it is. We don't have to. We all know.

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Sophy, Generation Stuck blogger

Trying time and again to get a job you know you're qualified for is incredibly frustrating and demoralizing. This kind of frustration and self-doubt can be a serious burden on a relationship.

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How Do You Feel?

How have your relationships been affected by the economy and your own situation?