I didn't know how rough it was going to be until the economy crashed. So yeah, I'm partially responsible, but this gigantic thing happened that affected my entire universe.



I take full responsibility for the decisions that I did make, but I don't know if I would have made them had there not been a recession in 2008.



of 22-to-29 years olds believe they were given fewer opportunities than previous generations1

I feel cheated out of the life my parents thought I could have by now.

"28andstruggling" WBUR commenter

Kerri, Generation Stuck blogger

Love me or hate me for it. Call it self-righteousness or call it what you will, but yes, I do feel entitled.

Kerri WBUR blogger

Christine, Generation Stuck blogger

My generation was raised with lofty expectations, but I think we understand that those expectations can only be met if you work for them.

Christine WBUR blogger


of 22-to-29 years olds say the economy has had a negative impact on their career2

Sophy, Generation Stuck blogger

I don't blame the economy entirely for this. I know I shoulder some of the blame for not picking a specific, or more direct, path for myself.

Sophy WBUR blogger

I think our generation was raised being told that we could be whatever we wanted when we grew up, but we're finding that to be untrue.

Helen WBUR commenter

How Do You Feel?

Are in your current position because of your own decisions or factors beyond your control?