Five years ago, if you’d asked me where I envisioned myself, wouldn't be here.



I don’t have an ideal anymore. I think I did when I first graduated. Now just having a basic salary and basic health care would be paramount.



of 22-to-29 year olds say they are scared for the future1

Our generation is not our parents' generation. The vast majority of us won't be able to get married, buy a house, buy two cars, and hold a long-term/well-paying job - all by age 23.

Andrew Jacob WBUR commenter

Morgan, Generation Stuck blogger

The idea of being able to make a deposit on a house — something I would have otherwise wanted to do in the next five years or so — seems like little more than fantasy.

Morgan WBUR blogger

We would love to start a real life. We would love to start buying houses and raising families. But the loan letters say 'not for another decade.'

"arabaszc" WBUR commenter

I will be 29 next month and have been laid off. My boyfriend and I each live with our families to save money. I feel as though my life is on hold. This is not what I dreamed the last year of my twenties would look like.

Katie Pion WBUR commenter


of 22-to-29 year olds feel their career will be successful2

The economy will recover, the graph will start to point back upwards again, but sadly many people will be left behind as a fresh new generation graduates into the workforce.

"Jimbajuice" WBUR commenter

Sophy, Generation Stuck blogger

The future is incredibly uncertain, but I still believe that if you're smart, hard-working, confident, and a little lucky, you will eventually find success.

Sophy WBUR blogger

How Do You Feel?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Is that vision different than a few years ago?