I feel kind of ripped off because I spent all this money and I took out these loans, and I ended up graduating and nobody would hire me.



It’s all about grad school now. Undergrad is now what a high-school diploma was ten years ago.



of 22-to-29 years olds say college was worth the money1

I would be better off in every arena — financial, housing, relationship— if I had gone to trade school or skipped out on higher education all together.

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Cheyenne, Generation Stuck blogger

I will be paying off my student loans for roughly the rest of my life. I am so confused ... college is responsible for both my income and my debt.

Cheyenne WBUR blogger

This is for the Master's grads still working minimum wage or liberal arts majors living month to month on the verge of being evicted. That’s the true story of our generation.

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of 22-to-29 years olds say their first job out of college became a career2

Kerri, Generation Stuck blogger

Despite all the stress and anxiety associated with repaying my student loan debt, I truly believe my education was worth every single penny.

Kerri WBUR blogger

Full time grad school will not pay off. Do the math. Most jobs pay $50k to $75k. Calculate the full loan payment and don't forget the compounding interest rate. Compounding...

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Vincent, Generation Stuck blogger

Students who receive a Bachelor’s degree enter into an over-saturated marketplace that devalues the higher education they just received.

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