I get really depressed and sometimes it's rough and I don't know what to do with it. And it can very crushing.



You have those moments where you just wonder: Am I delusional? Is there something really wrong with me?



of 22-to-29 years olds say the economy has had a negative impact on their view of their self1

Kerri, Generation Stuck blogger

After months filled with thoughts of failure, depression, and pure embarrassment because I had no clue what I was going to do next for a career, I eventually did hit bottom.

Kerri WBUR blogger

I'm only a few months out of college. But, after applying for over 80 jobs and not being given ONE offer, I'm starting to feel exhaustion creeping in.”

Sarah Merriman WBUR commenter

Nathan, Generation Stuck blogger

I don’t get how anyone in this type of situation can seem positive. Good jobs just aren’t available and it seems I’ll be paying off my loans until the day I die.

Nathan WBUR blogger

I live paycheck to paycheck. I just received a card in the mail from the Massachusetts Bay Department of Transitional Assistance. Food stamps. I'm guilty and I'm ashamed.

"Kathee" WBUR commenter


of 22-to-29 years olds are stressed about the future2

Sophy, Generation Stuck blogger

It's going to take many years to reverse the damage that debt and underemployment has done to our wallets and psyches.

Sophy WBUR blogger

How Do You Feel?

How have your self-esteem & emotional well-being been affected by the economy and your own situation?