Monday Morning: Plymouth

Published November 1, 2010

On this cold Monday morning, WBUR’s Morning Edition broadcast live from Plymouth, heart of the hotly contest 10th Congressional District. Republican Jeff Perry and Democrat Bill Keating are virtually tied. (Democratic Rep. Bill Delahunt is retiring.)

I spent the day Saturday in two towns in the 10th, Quincy and Weymouth, where I witnessed what some observers call the enthusiasm gap between Republicans and Democrats.

ElectionWire blogger Benjamin Swasey rounds up today’s reports and conversations from Plymouth:

  • David Boeri — who else? — went trick-or-treating in a Quincy neighborhood last night. He found signs of trouble for Democratic incumbents, invoking the Grim Reaper.
  • Fred Thys and Anthony Brooks have been trailing the two leading candidates for governor. They found Republican Charlie Baker and Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick conveying two distinct messages.
  • Deb Becker checked in with a report on the 4th Congressional District, where newcomer Republican Sean Bielat is stressing American values and Democratic Rep. Barney Frank is talking up his record.
  • Curt Nickisch has been following the quieter ballot question campaigns, as supporters and opponents of the three have taken to the streets in shoe-leather politics style.

Over the weekend, the gubernatorial candidates hit some 20 stops on a statewide bus tour to rally their base. I compiled a map of their campaign stops with photos from the trail.

We in the WBUR newsroom created an interactive feature that shows the candidates’ positions on jobs, health care, education, immigrant and the three ballot questions.

And WBUR photojournalists are continually updating a campaign trail photo gallery in the final hours of Election 2010.