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Unidentified Body In Milton May Be Missing N.C. Boy

Published November 19, 2010

An unidentified body found in Milton this week could be that of a 16-year-old boy who went missing in North Carolina.

Police had asked the public’s help identifying the body, which was described as that of a black male in his mid-teens. The body was mutilated, and police said one clue was a note found on the body that looks like a hall pass.

The name that appears on that hall pass matches the name of the missing North Carolina boy: Delvonte Tisdale.

The boy’s father told WBTV in Charlotte, N.C., that his son was dead.

WBUR’s Rachel Rohr found the Facebook page of Erica Holloway, who appears to be Tisdale’s older sister. On her page, Holloway writes that Tisdale “ran away from his fathers in North Carolina house Sunday& his body was found”.

In a phone conversation with Rachel, Milton Deputy Police Chief Charles Paris said detectives are en route to North Carolina. Paris was adamant that there is no confirmation of the Milton victim’s identity. For example, someone else could have had Tisdale’s note in his pocket.

Is This The New Patriots Uniform?

Published November 19, 2010

Update: Nope. In a tweet, Patriots PR says the images are fake:

@NFLprguy: just to clarify, the artist renderings of NFL uniforms floating around ARE NOT from the league or Nike. stand down

CNBC sports business reporter Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) tweets:

This new Nike Patriots jersey circulating on Twitter IS FAKE http://bit.ly/c9Y4xR NIKE DIDN’T DESIGN THIS

The Herald’s Patriots reporter, Ian Rapoport, showed the sketches to head coach Bill Belichick and asked his opinion:

“Is it a Halloween costume?” Belichick asked. “I thought Halloween was last month. I’m just focused on Indy. If it’s not Indy, there’s a lot of stuff you can get by me today.”


Starting in 2012, Nike will be the NFL’s official uniform provider. “We plan on changing the NFL jersey dramatically,” said Charlie Denson, Nike’s brand president, at the time of the announcement last month.

NESN reporter Jeff Howe got a hold of a leaked and unconfirmed sketch of what could be the Patriots’s new uniform. It would certainly live up to Denson’s promise of dramatic change. How much do you hate it? What do you think?

Is this the new Patriots uniform?

Is this the new Patriots uniform?

Howe says “Captain America” would become one of QB Tom Brady’s many nicknames.

Exploring MFA’s Collection Of Ancient American Art

Published November 19, 2010

This weekend, the public finally gets to see for itself what the fuss is about at the Museum of Fine Arts — free admission Saturday! — and no doubt the Paul Reveres and the George Washingtons will be a big draw.

But the Art of the Americas tells a broader story, of course. “It didn’t just start with the coming of the pilgrims in the 17th Century,” said Dorie Reents-Budet, curator of the Art of the Ancient Americas gallery.

“In fact, the art of the americas started literally tens of thousands of years ago as human beings moved into the western hemisphere and developed these complex societies.”

WBUR’s Andrea Shea and Jesse Costa spoke with Reents-Budet and critics about one of the most anticipated galleries of the MFA’s expansion.

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Friday Morning: Probation Probed, Brown Tweaks Health Reform

Published November 19, 2010

Good morning! We’re following a status hearing for Aiden Quinn, the T operator facing charges in last year’s Green Line crash. He may change his plea to guilty. (Update: No change of plea.) And the city of Boston’s official, 50-foot Christmas tree is scheduled to be delivered to Boston Common this morning.

Here’s the news on a cold Friday in Boston:

The state’s high court ordered a shakeup of the probation department. An independent counsel found widespread corruption in the department, which was first reported in the Boston Globe. The court ordered the commissioner fired. (Globe)

Sen. Scott Brown introduced a measure to let states opt out of President Obama’s health care plan more quickly. Sen. John Kerry opposes the waiver. (Globe)

The Mass. jobless rate dropped to 8.1 percent last month. That puts us right in the middle of the national pack. (Herald)

Mass. has banned caffeinated alcoholic drinks. Retailers must remove them from shelves immediately, including those cans of Four Loko that people are now hoarding. (WBUR)

A Cambridge priest once accused of stalking Conan O’Brien is charged with harrassing a WCVB host. Rev. David Ajemian, 49, will be arraigned today. (Herald)

The MFA expansion opens to the public tomorrow. A review in the New York Times declares: “Five years after breaking ground, the new Art of the Americas Wing at the Museum of Fine Arts here is opening on Saturday, and it’s a wow.” (New York Times)