Conversation 2010: What Do You Think?

Published November 3, 2010

Massachusetts went all-blue Tuesday. (Dominick Reuter for WBUR)

Massachusetts went all-blue Tuesday. (Dominick Reuter for WBUR)

Massachusetts stemmed a nationwide red tide Tuesday, with Democrats winning virtually every single race in the state. Democratic political analyst Dan Payne called the heralded Scott Brown victory a “fluke.”

On our live call-in special this morning, Boston Globe columnist Joan Vennochi said Brown was a catalyst who kicked the Dems into gear. Many of you had observations, too.

Twitterer @cellocat75 writes:

I really think the election results show that the Scott Brown win was more anti Kennedy & anti establishment than pro Republican.

@jendeaderick tweets:

If voters are angry that the government isn’t doing enough for them, it means they want more government, not less. Anti-GOP position.

A number of people have expressed pride in their blue state today. “MA is an island of sanity in this crazy country,” tweets @cmatjones. “Massachusetts is awesome and the rest of the country is jumping off the cliff,” @joegrav tweets.

Some folks, such as @harmonywho, think national Democrats could learn a thing or two from Mass.

“liberal” candidates who make their case, involve citizens/voters can, do win. Pay attention DNC.

What do you think?

  • Do Democrats have a permanent majority in Massachusetts?
  • Why did Republican Charlie Baker lose the governor’s race? Bad candidate or wrong candidate?
  • Should the national Democratic Party learn something from Massachusetts?
  • Are you pleased with last night’s outcome?
  • Who will oppose Sen. Brown in 2012?

Thanks for all your tweets over the past 24 hours. Keep the conversation going in the comments.