The Sports World Turned, Even If You Didn’t Notice

Published November 3, 2010

Though it may feel like the entire world was watching Tuesday’s election, life does exist outside of politics. The world has still turned amid all the election, ahem, hubbub.

With NFL and NBA seasons in full swing, here’s what you missed in the world of Boston sports while fixated on red tidal waves and blue donkeys. Let’s work backward to the weekend:

Ex-Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss was waived by the Minnesota Vikings. On Oct. 6, many Patriots fans woke up and were shocked to learn that the Hall of Fame wideout had been traded to Minnesota. Moss woke up Tuesday to see his name splashed across newspapers and on the top of the NFL’s waiver wire.

It’s amazing that someone with Moss’ talent has been left on the scrap heap. Oh well, great for us since we’re treated to this wonderful (and surprisingly catchy) Randy Moss rap mashup by DJ Steve Porter. Porter, who founded Holyoke-based PorterHouseMedia, is also behind the great NBA remix commercials.

[youtube url=”tmJcUlrkMNg”]

The Celtics celebrated Halloween. And gave me a reason for this post.

Highlights include captain Paul Pierce as The Frog from “The Princess and the Frog” (his daughter was the princess) and guard Rajon Rondo as an injured Tiger Woods.

Attendees at the Celtics team Halloween party, in costume. (Paul Pierce via Twitter)

Attendees at the Celtics team Halloween party, in costume. (Paul Pierce via Twitter)

The team is 3-1 on the season and riding a two-game winning streak. Shaq, or Shaquita on Halloween, missed Tuesday night’s game with a knee injury.

The Patriots vanquished the Vikings 28-18. Even Patriots players, however, like second-year cornerback Darius Butler, were caught up with election fervor. On Tuesday, Butler (@DariusButler28) posted this message on his twitter account:

Get out and VOTE! Unless u don’t know what’s goin on n what\who u voting for. In that case stay Home!

The world may have turned, but Election Day, it seems, even infiltrated the world of sports.