Cape Cod Times Is Now Behind A Paywall

Published November 9, 2010

The Cape Cod Times is now behind an online paywall, as the newspaper promised in October.

After viewing three articles, you are prompted to sign up for a free account. After 10 articles, pay up. The text of the article goes whoosh, like a genie getting sucked into a bottle, and a registration screen pops up. It’s pretty amusing, if a little hokey.

A subscription costs $2.67 per week, but weekly billing isn’t an option. The cheapest option is a single payment of about $30 for 12 weeks of access, up to 50 articles. The print edition costs extra.

“Quality journalism can only occur if it has a revenue stream attached,” said Peter Meyer, president of the Cape Cod Media Group, last month.

Some content, such as public-safety information, will remain free.

In September, the Boston Globe announced it would split into two sites next year — one free, one paid. In August, the Worcester Telegram & Gazette (also owned by the New York Times Co.) erected its own paywall.