Thursday Morning: Happy Turkey Day!

Published November 25, 2010

Good morning and happy Thanksgiving!

The news today, of course, focuses on just how good Mom’s pumpkin pie is this year and what you have to do to get your brother to pass the darn mashed potatoes.

Here’s what else is news on this chilly but beautiful holiday:

After rejecting double-digit health insurance premium increases earlier this year, state regulators have said they’ll allow more modest rate hikes to take effect in January. The rate increases will affect policies covering small businesses and individuals. (Globe)

On one of the busiest travel days of the year, officials at Logan International Airport said that the holiday travel rush went smoothly yesterday. While it was busy at Logan, travelers mostly ignored a call to protest increased security measures. (WBUR)

Many Thanksgiving dinners will be interrupted this afternoon, as families pause the festivities this afternoon to watch the Patriots take on the Lions in Detroit at 12:30. Though seemingly a mismatch, the Pats would be wise not to take the Lions too lightly. (Herald)