Ashbrook On Williams: ‘I’m Sorry To See A Bridge Gone’

Published October 22, 2010

WBUR’s Tom Ashbrook, host of nationally syndicated On Point, on the firing of erstwhile NPR news analyst Juan Williams:

There is something very sad about this, because Juan may have been wrong or right, but he was a kind of a bridge. I mean, NPR wouldn’t let him call himself “NPR news analyst” on Fox for the last while here. But people knew. And people who watched Fox saw him. And he wasn’t always out here in this dangerous territory. I’m sorry to see a bridge gone.

Ashbrook’s boss, the WBUR general manager, released a statement today saying the Williams firing was “appropriately made” but “without the consultation or involvement of independent local stations like WBUR.”

You can listen to the full hour of On Point’s weekly news roundup.