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Desk Duty For Boston Cop Seen Punching Teen On YouTube

Published October 29, 2010

Boston Patrol Officer Michael T. McManus, in plain clothes, appears to punch and kick the teenager.

Boston Patrol Officer Michael T. McManus, in plain clothes, appears to punch and kick the teenager.

The Boston cop seen punching and kneeing a 16-year-old suspect at Roxbury Community College is on administrative duty while a Suffolk County prosecutor reviews the case.

The officer is identified as Michael T. McManus.

The arrest was recorded on video and posted to YouTube on Tuesday, prompting some groups and elected officials to condemn the BPD for “police brutality.” Many others have expressed support for the police.

“This personnel decision is in the best interest of the ongoing internal investigation,” Davis said in a statement today. “I would like to reiterate my commitment to ensuring an open and transparent investigation.”

Chuck Turner Is Found Guilty On All 4 Counts

Published October 29, 2010

A federal jury on Friday convicted Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner of accepting a $1,000 bribe and lying to the authorities.

  • 1 count of attempted extortion under the color of official act: Guilty
  • 3 counts of making false statements to the FBI: Guilty

The jury delivered the verdicts on Day 2 of deliberations. Turner’s lawyer said he will appeal.

Prosecutors said Turner accepted a wad of cash from informant Ron Wilburn in August 2007 and then lied to FBI agents about having met Wilburn.

A secret video of the alleged bribe — the government’s key piece of evidence — showed something changing hands between Turner and the informant.

WBUR’s David Boeri, reporting from federal court, says Turner nodded his head slightly as the verdicts were delivered. Turner’s lawyer, Barry Wilson, put his forehead on the desk.

During his trial, Turner took the witness stand to defend himself, insisting that he did not take the bribe from Wilburn, who was seeking help in getting a liquor license from the city and was cooperating with the FBI.

Turner faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison for extortion and an additional five years for each perjury count. He remains free until sentencing Jan. 25, 2011.

Turner has represented the 7th District, which covers Roxbury, Fenway and the South End, for six terms.

“Today is a very sad and unfortunate day for the city of Boston,” said Mayor Thomas Menino in a statement. “I remain shocked at the actions Councilor Turner has been found guilty of today and will continue to work hard promoting a spirit of public trust and confidence in our elected officials and government agencies.”

Radio Boston Rundown: Cahill, DJ Henry, Mystery Meet

Published October 29, 2010

Friday at 3 p.m. on Radio Boston:

Tim Cahill. We finish our series of conversations with the candidates for governor with the independent candidate. Cahill is down in the polls and making his last appeal for votes. He takes your calls and questions.

The week in review. Boston Globe columnist Renee Loth and independent journalist Ken Cooper join us to talk about the final days of the 2010 campaign season.  And we discuss a recent arrest at Roxbury Community College, which has some people accusing Boston police of using excessive force.

DJ Henry memorial. The Pace University student from Easton is remembered today in a ceremony at the Boston convention center.  WBUR’s Monica Brady Myerov is there and brings us the latest in the investigation into his shooting death by police in New York state on Oct. 17.

Mystery meet. A unique supper club in Boston has diners eating in the dark. Blindfolds keep them from seeing any of the food they consume.

Mass. Governor’s ‘Race’ Is Now A Campy Video Game

Published October 29, 2010

Dodge pork, red tape and the opposing candidates in “Race for the Ballot,” a delightfully low-quality Flash game from three students at Becker College in Worcester.

Undergrads Adam DeZago, Shaun Dutton and Torrey Kimball created the game in their spare time to make the mid-terms more engaging. (The mid-term elections, that is.)

Turns out Becker is ranked by Princeton Review as No. 1 in New England for video-game design. (Who knew?)

Becker College students designed a video game for the Massachusetts governor's race.

Becker College students designed a video game for the Massachusetts governor's race.

My favorite candidate outfit is Jill Stein.

Friday Morning: GOTV Weekend; Halloween For Grown-Ups

Published October 29, 2010

What’s news on a chilly Friday morning in Boston:

On the home stretch, it’s GOTV weekend. “The candidates for governor will use the weekend to crisscross the state and rally likely voters.” (ElectionWire)

Patrick remains ahead by 7 points in a new poll.Polls can be wrong, late surges are possible (just ask US Senator Scott Brown) and the candidacies of independent Timothy Cahill and Green-Rainbow Party candidate Jill Stein remain wild cards. But the Suffolk University/7 News poll is the latest in a series of polls in recent weeks that have shown Patrick with an edge.” (Globe)

Sean Bielat is receiving a surge of out-of-state donations. The nation is watching the 4th congressional race. (Globe)

Chuck Turner invokes the Mark Twain defense in closing arguments. “If you tell the truth, it’s not a problem if you don’t remember.” (WBUR)

Halloween is like Christmas for artists. “A group of adult artists has a question: Why should kids have all the scary fun?” (WBUR)