Friday Morning: Wilburn Testifies; Frank Took Bank Cash

Published October 22, 2010

What’s news on a cold! Friday morning in Boston:

Informant Ron Wilburn testified he bribed Councilor Chuck Turner. “The prosecution had what it hoped for: the crucial witness saying that what you’re not sure you saw in the video was indeed money.” (WBUR)

Rep. Frank took donations from banks he helped bail out. “Frank has hauled in thousands from top execs at Bank of America, Citizens Bank, Wainwright Bank, JP Morgan Chase and other institutions that received billions in TARP money.” (Herald)

A reputed Mafia capo was indicted on drug charges. Mark Rossetti is accused of “running a sprawling criminal enterprise that engaged in heroin and marijuana trafficking, gambling, loan sharking, and home invasions.” (Globe)

The gubernatorial candidates are split on the death penalty. Baker and Cahill want it reinstated; Patrick and Stein don’t. (AP)

The Bruins opened at TD Garden with an impressive win. 4-1. (Globe)